Farang, fat and ugly, from England? An Isaan girl's dream man

In that unbiased oracle of Thai wisdom The Nation, a poll of 484 single young Isaan women this week has revealed that it pays to be male, English, ugly, and of an indeterminate age, if you are in search of your perfect female partner in the north-east province of the Land of Smiles, Isaan. (No, that's not a typo - if you're Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish, you don't so much as merit a mention in their list of favourites - sorry!)

More than three-fifths of those polled, according to the paper, would like to marry a farang (Westerner). Their attractive qualities? At 61% and top of the list of reasons somewhat unsurprisingly, is that they are considered rich... by Isaan standards, at least. 53% felt that farangs were kinder and more respectful of women than their Thai male equivalents. Age, good looks? Don't even get a mention. Probably a good job, going by the state of some of the farang characters one sees wandering the sois of Thailand's towns and cities.

Also high up in the list of our irresistible and alluring qualities, it appears, is the alleged size of our appliances. Single, north-eastern Thai women fantasise over these, dreaming of lavishing tender loving care on these most prized of Western attributes all day, every day. Plumb them in, and the ladies will be in the Buddhist equivalent of seventh heaven, nirvana, for hours on end.

Beware the size of the water and electric bills though...

What more could the ladies of Isaan possibly desire, than these delectable and virile specimens of English manhood?

As desirable men go, the English... (ok, I'll grudgingly admit that The Nation probably meant the British)... top the list by some margin in the single Isaan ladies' list of preferences; 32% would like to bag themselves an Englishman. That's way ahead of the runner up, an American, at 21%. Now I have my suspicions of why that might be, and it's not because the English are the most wise, intelligent and handsome males on the planet (however true that might be).

Putting on my sceptic's hat, I've a feeling it could just be that not many Thai girls from Isaan have heard much about other parts of the Western world, and the first place that comes to mind... because they speak English there... is, well, England. Then as an afterthought, America. Not much avoiding the Americans, they get everywhere, even as far as remote Isaan jungle villages. Anywhere there's a battered old TV that the locals can watch, anyway.

But what the hell, who's complaining. It's rare enough that the English should find themselves at the top of a list of the world's most desirable men, so for once, let's brag about it ;-)

The above was padded out from the rather sketchy Nation article, here

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Catherine said...

'61% and top of the list of reasons somewhat unsurprisingly, is that they are considered rich... by Isaan standards, at least. 53% felt that farangs were kinder and more respectful of women than their Thai male equivalents. Age, good looks? Don't even get a mention.'

It's a universal gal thing. Guys put looks at the top of the list but women see steadiness in a relationship as a top priority.

And you really can't blame the women.

I'm not saying that men don't raise kids, but women have been traditionally responsible for taking care of the family.

And in Thailand, the local women are often left holding little hands on their own.

So I say, 'you go for it girls' :-)

Catherine said...

Please excuse the sweeping statement I made about local women. I was merely going by conversations and what I read in the paper re Issan.

(( My Thai gfs are going to string me up for sure ))

Mike said...

Pete wish I had read this blog before I posted today. I think your journalistic skills far outweigh mine!

But when I read the story in the Nation I couldn't resist a post.

Makes me proud to be English!!

Martyn said...

Pete when I read the title I thought you had ghost written my autobiography. Believe me if there was a reverse poll I'm sure Isaan girls would come out on top.

The Frogblogger said...

Catherine, yes wise creatures gals, they know what really matters in life. Fortunately for some of us they can overlook the many faults and wrinkles ;-)

Mike, your version was great, with the usual very dry humour! You're right, it just couldn't be missed, not often we blokes can vaunt our many British attributes in this way. My opinion of The Nation has changed radically, it clearly is a journal of integrity and wisdom.

Martyn, how did you guess, you were the first guy that came to mind when I was trying to think up a title ;-)

Anyway, let's hear it for Isaan girls ... :D

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Peter , I still can't believe that we were only 21% , for sure they never laid eyes on this ole boy , but as Mike I'm already taken .I think the real reason is not to many Americans come to Thailand for a holiday 25 hours is a long time to be on a plane and in airports . keeps a lot of them at home flying to Hawaii and the Bahamas, now down there we're # 1 on the list. Malcolm

The Frogblogger said...

Hi Malcolm and Ciejay, thanks for dropping by. I hear the French and Italians are a bit miffed, they didn't so much as gain a single vote. Clearly the Anglo-Saxons have got what it takes, these Latin playboys are all talk and no action :-)

Martyn said...

Your title has one word too many for a true decription of me, fat. A few more months out here and I think your autobiography title would be perfect. The pounds are starting to pile on.

The Frogblogger said...

Ha, you don't fool me Martyn. Your blog clearly displays a photo of a well-toned muscular chap with film star looks, in his prime. In fact there's a definition resemblance to Harrison Ford (in his youth, of course). I haven't the slightest doubt that the Wonderful Wi has to spend much of her time fighting off the attentions her man is getting from hordes of lovely Isaan girls hoping to steal you from her.

Khon Kaen Retirement said...

I am one of those that came in 2nd place - an American retired in Khon Kaen and happily married to a teacher at Khon Kaen Technical College. I was a few pounds overweight but riding my bicycle daily has taken care of that.

Anonymous said...

It is my first post here, so I would like to say hallo to all of you! It is definitely comfort to join your community!

lele said...

If you think that marrying an Asian woman means marrying and providing for her family too, then you understand that it would be unfair for a hot young man to marry an Asian woman. Thus, men and women you are showing in that picture are a good match for each other.

lele said...

Forgot to mention: those men are often happy to marry Asian women with children. What Asian man would do the same?